European Law and Regulations
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European Law and Regulations


European Union Law is the notion of a common set of rules that is applicable to the entire Union as a whole. In order to conduct business in the EU, it is crucial for businesses to comply in accordance with the appropriate regulatory framework, in all operational aspects. Thus, the EU enables a level playing field for the market, by legislating and enforcing the regulatory framework throughout the EU.

The regulatory framework of the EU comprises two main sets of rules- Regulations, that form the highest form of harmonization of laws, and Directives, that form the lowest form of harmonization of laws.
Once the relevant regulatory framework is established, the issue of compliance becomes of relevance, as it is the modus opernadi of adapting and executing the applicable regulatory framework.
Companies that operate outside the EU may still be affected by EU regulations and directives and are also in need of adaptation to, and compliance withm the EU regulatory framework, such as AML/CTF, GDPR and EU Corporate Governance.

Our firm assists clients in establishing the correct regulatory framework that applicable to the enterprise, build the compliance team and train, and regulatorily assist, the chief compliance officer in the role, assist in drafting and submission of the correct licensing and other regulatory documentation, policies, correspondence and negotiation with the regulators.

Furthermore, our firm offers regulation and compliance services for companies that are in need of full regulatory assistance and adaptation.

As the first EU and Regulation Desk in Israel, the desk deals with establishing a strong foothold for Middle Eastern and Israeli companies, and vice versa, with a full regulatory practice, banking and incorporation services and tailored solutions for on-going and ad-hoc cases.

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