Vérification de la signature notariale
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Vérification de la signature notariale


A notarial signature verification is significantly more robust than a standard signature verification or verification by a lawyer. A notarial signature verification means that it is almost impossible to contradict the signature and make future claims (in Court or anywhere) about the signature procedure or its validity.

Under Israeli law, there are cases where signature verification must be notarized. For example, a power of attorney for a non-lawyer real estate transaction, creation of a trust, and almost every document that is intended to be used outside of Israel.

Each notarized document carries a serial number and date, both of which cannot be forged, so it is important to use a notarized signature wherever there may be a question in the future about when the document was signed, for example vis-à-vis the Tax Authority. For this reason, we recommend that any document of asset holding in a escrow or trust (e.g. holding a company stock for another) be notarized.

Procuration du notaire

Signature de procurations notariales

Copie originale notariée

Copie originale notariée

Exécution de documents pour utilisés hors d’Israël

Exécution notariée de documents destinés à être utilisés en dehors d'Israël

Certificat de Vie

Certificats de vie notariaux

Témoignage sur un document négociable

Témoignage sur un document négociable

Affidavit notarié

Signature des affidavits notariés

Traductions notariales

Traduction et authentification de traductions notariales

Testaments Notariés

Préparation et exécution des testaments et testaments notariés

Accords notariés prénuptiaux

Préparer et approuver les accords prénuptiaux notariaux et éditer les accords prénuptiaux pour approbation par la Cour

Accords de mariage de fait

Common-Law Marriages Agreements, joint parenting agreements and other agreements between spouses who do not want, or cannot, marry


Effectuer des vérifications d'apostille pour les documents notariés

Formulaire de certificat médical en vertu de l’article 4(e) du Règlement sur la notarisation